Monday, January 28, 2013

Made in America Monday ~ Etsy Top 5

This Monday, I've decided to share my five favorite etsy shops (of the moment) with you.

Etsy is a great place to shop American-made and support small businesses - two things I really make an effort to do.

Here are my current favs:  (in no particular order)

1.  Brookish - Jane Austen inspired merch - need I say more?  I have Mr. Darcy's Proposal Scoop Neck Tee - it's one of my favorite layering pieces.

2.  Artwark - Rochester NY jewelry designer, with really fun, affordable pieces.  I have tons of her stuff!  Love!  Best known for her "Mother's Love" necklace pictured below.  I get compliments on mine constantly! Great gift idea!

3.  Storiarts - these infinity book scarves are fantastic.  I have Jane Eyre and wear it all the time!


4. Truche - Made to order jewelry.  My favorite are her United States of Love - State Necklaces - such a cute way to show pride for your home state.  The New Jersey one has been on my wish list for ages... I need to just break down and buy it for myself one of these days...

5.  House Hold Words  - removable vinyl wall decals for your home.  I have "Masterpieces" up in our playroom over Colten's art wall display.  So cute!  Thinking about where I have room for another one...


What's your favorite American-made etsy shop?  Please share links below!




  1. My current favorite is Beachy1, which is fused glass. We have this owl nightlight and I really want the abalone cheese tray.

  2. I love that infinity scarf! Gah!
    Oh, and I laughed when i saw the Jersey necklace. ;)

  3. I love the scarf and the state necklaces. I wouldnt mind getting me one of each. I love your "my masterpeice" wall idea. i might have to steal it from you ;)
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