Wednesday, January 23, 2013

If I Was a Boy...

Well,  I'd probably look like this:

I can't believe that after being tucked away for thirteen years, I am posting these pictures for the second time this month.  You can all thank Erin over at Living in Yellow for the double dose of me with sideburns - I'm linking up with her today.

  • If I was a boy, I would thank God every day that I don't have to shave my legs, my pits, or my nether regions.
  • I'd take a shower, towel off, get dressed and walk out the door.  Getting ready would take zero effort.
  • I would never say "bikini line," "does this make my butt look big," or "bad hair day" EVER.
  • My idea of dieting would be cutting out soda.  I'd drop ten pounds instantly.
  • I'd dress like a total prep.  We're talking Polo meets Abercrombie meets these guys:
  • And most importantly:  I'd be gay so I can date Matt Bomer.

The end.

What would you do?  Link up with Erin and Gay and join the fun!



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