Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How to Dress Like a Blogger in 5 Min or Less

Going to event?  Want to look like a blogger without really trying?

Try this foolproof approach.

First, put your hair up in a sock bun.  No sock?  Just slap it up there like you're late for ballet class.

Then, touch up your makeup.  Some powder to reduce shine, a bold lip because that's how bloggers roll, and mascara so you don't look like a naked mole in photo ops.

Speaking of photo ops, want to know how to look smarter in them?  Wear glasses.  The nerdier the better, but not too nerdy.  You need to be geeky in that chic kind of a way...  Think avante garde artsy girl, not crazy cat lady.

Next, put on a baseball tee (not a real one, silly, a slouchy slinky imitation one) and a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans.

Whatever you do, do not forget a statement necklace!  The bigger and blingier, the better.  And be sure to wear a minimum of seven bracelets.

Finish with designer handbag and completely impractical, but hot shoes.  Super high with studs and/or animal print is recommended.

Viola!  Instant. Blogger:

What I Wore to RWM September Launch Party at the Del Monte
I call this look:  "Hi. I'm a fashion blogger."

What do you think?  Have I discovered the recipe for instant blogger?

I think I nailed it.  For.  Sure.



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  1. Love ya Jenny Sanzo! So gotta get some glasses like yours! Have you ever heard of an online site (can't think of the name right now, but starts with a Z or X) and they sell cute prescription glasses for really cheap? Also, I've worn buns off and on my whole life. Glad to know I can rock a nerd chic look now! :) btw- Giving you a shout out in my blog post tomorrow.

    1. Love you too girlfriend! Nerdy chic is where it's at! For frames there is firmoo and bonlook - those two are pretty popular... I'm just lucky enough to have a sister and brother in law who own their own optometry practice ;) Thanks in advance for the shout out - I'll be sure to check it out (I never miss your weekly post!) Hope you are well! xoxo Jenny


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