Friday, April 12, 2013

You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling...

Make that all feeling...

And I'm not talking about romance.

I'm talking about my poor toes.

You see, last night I wore these:

You're looking at five beautiful inches of leopard-shrouded torture.
I definitely still have some numbness going on.  Last night I was relieved to be experiencing loss of feeling as opposed to writhing in agony, but now more than 12 hours later, I'm starting to worry about permanent nerve damage.  Oh well.  As least I looked cute... and if I lose all feeling in my toes, just think of all the cute shoes I'll be able to squeeze them into now without any pain!  See, there is always a silver lining!

Here's the rest of the look:

Forever 21 top, Lands End Canvas pants, Target shoes
I like the back of this shirt more than the front...
Added some chocolate diamonds and bling..
Louis V. came out to play.
I'm a firm believer than you can never wear too many bracelets.
Also: the higher the heel, the closer to God.
Words to live by.
Write them down, frame 'em, needle point them on a pillow, whatever you need to do.
I know I'm not the only one out there who sacrifices comfort for style.  If you're a fashionista who isn't afraid to pour yourself into some spanx or teeter around in some platforms share some love below.  Us crazies need to stick together.

Here's to hoping I regain feeling in all my appendages and that all you crazy kids have a fantastic weekend.



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  1. There have been many-a-times when I've worn a pair of shoes because they totally make the outfit, even though I know my feet will be dying by the end of the night! Your shoes, with that outfit though, totally worth it :) Found your blog over at LIY and just started following :)

    xo samantha


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