Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Two for Tuesday: Helpers and Healing

It just doesn't seem right to write my usual frivolous drivel in the wake of yesterday's tragedy.  So instead, I just want to share my deepest heartfelt sympathy for the city of Boston and for our nation in general as we struggle to make sense of it all.

I leave you with the profound words of two women whom I admire.  One is my best friend from college, the other I've never met, but I assure you that both of them exude an integrity and pureness of heart that I wish there was more of in this world.  Please read their thoughts on innocence, evil, and facing each new day with hope:

1.  Mrs. Sarah Tucker @ Fairy Tales are True

2.   Mrs. Daniela McDonnell via Facebook:

"My daughter lives in a world where bombs, guns and nuclear threats don't exist. I pray that she will somehow always be able to hold onto a piece of her beautiful world-- exactly as it is today.
Blue skies and swings, a hula hoop around her waist and pure joy on her face."
Hug your babies.  Pray for Boston.  Pray for us all.



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