Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Trend Watch: Floral Pants

If you've opened up a magazine in the last few months you've seen them:  floral pants.

I can't decide how I feel.  I'm on the fence.  In flux.  Wishy.  Washy.

Here they are styled three ways in Lucky Magazine's April 2013 issue:

Look 1:  Peplum and Oxfords
Look 2:  Mixing Stripes and Florals
Look 3:  Sweatshirt, heavy metal details
Here they are in anthropologie:

Here's me trying on a pair in the Sears dressing room:

I couldn't decide - so I didn't buy them.   But, I keep thinking about them.  

So I did what any other red-blooded American woman would do:

I conducted an uber-scientic poll on facebook to see what my friends thought. 

I got the following responses:

(I've removed identities to protect the innocent)
  1. "Super cute!"
  2. "You look good in anything but i think the pants themselves are just awful!!!! lol."
  3. "I'm so out of the loop. My grandma had a couch that looked just like that."
  4. "I definitely had a backpack like those. I LOVED that backpack. In 1993."
  5. "They would be great for spring and they look super cute!"
  6. I don't know... A yellow tank and tori burch flips with a cute necklace might do the trick. I like things other people hate lol"
  7. "Super cute"
  8. "Everything old is new again. if anyone could pull them off, it would be you"
  9. "I like them!"
  10. No." <--- perhaps my favorite response of all - an emphatic NO lol
  11. "I would feel like such an ass, but as everyone has said you look cute and can totally pull them off."
  12. "Buy them you can wear them they are cute! Def flats and yellow or even coral tank"
  13. Love them!!"
  14. "Of course!"
  15. DOOOO ITTTTT!!!! Lol! You look amazing in them and they are adorbs :))"
  16. No. In one month you will not regret not buying them."
  17. I think you would have to move to Florida to get good use out of them."
What do you think?  Yea?  Or nay?

I still can't decide.  Seventeen people weighed in and I can't make a decision.  I feel like my mother.  

I mean they are on sale for $23.99.. worst case scenario I wear them once and consign them.  Right?  Right??  They look just like the ones in anthro... Ugh!  Tell me what to do! 

Tell. Me. What. To. Do.




  1. hahahaha! This might be the best post ever!
    I maintain that
    1. My grandma did have a couch like that; in fact, she might still...
    2. I had a floral backpack in 1993. I thought I was the shit.
    3. If anyone can pull them off, it's you.

    Just do it!


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