Saturday, March 23, 2013

Do Not

I repeat:  do not go into Target shoe department if you are on any sort of a budget.  

I, unsuspectedly entered the shoe department exactly one week ago today in search of a pair of chuck taylors.  While I did not find the Converse sneakers of my dreams, what I did find was wedges... three pairs of wedges.  Yes, I bought three pairs of shoes.  Like I'm made of money.  Like I buy three pairs of shoes in one shopping trip every day of my life.  Like that money shouldn't have been spent on groceries instead.

But, at the end of the day, I'm only human.  How could I resist?  I mean, look at them!

Ignore my month-old pedicure and focus on the overall picture... 

Want to know what the kicker is?  I can't even wear the damn shoes because it still snows every freaking day up here in the arctic tundra.

But one day, I know the sun will come out again, I'll put on an ankle pant, a cropped skinny, or a flirty sundress and my new wedges and I will smile knowing that I might be hungry, but I sure do look cute.

It's called priorities, people.

And this is called sharing bad habits or as I like to call it...friendship:
Spend $75, Get Free Shipping on Shoes at

You're welcome.  I'm sorry.

Peace out kiddos.

Have a great weekend!



PS- Check out my local blog Flower City Fashion and Beauty and read all about the March Madness Boutique Crawl!

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