Thursday, March 28, 2013

I'm the Personal Shopper of the Month! Woot! Woot!

Oh that's right, your favorite fashionista is the Shop Your Way Personal Shopper of the Month.

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Personal Shopper by SHOP YOUR WAY(SM)Personal Shopper Monthly
Tips, New Features and Advice for your business
March 2013
Some people are masters at personal marketing. Take, for instance, our Spotlight Shopper of the month Jennifer Sanzo. From gift card giveaways to sponsored posts on fellow bloggers' sites and face-to-face meet-up events, Jennifer knows how to make the most of her networking opportunities!

A fashion and beauty blogger and one-time sales director for a well-known brand of independent beauty consultants, this Personal Shopper has a track record for strategies that work. One of them is balancing.

"I plan on working with my local Kmart and Sears stores to do in-store personal shopping and styling events where I can recruit and work with clients face to face," she said. "I'll have my iPad handy to sign up new clients on the spot."

Intrigued? Here are a few more of Jennifer's top tips.

• Never stop networking. "You should always focus on how you are going to grow your business and grow your client base. Set goals. How many people will you talk to today? How many business cards will you hand out?"
• Encourage your clients to shop outside of their comfort zone. For example, she says, she'll reach out to clients with the product they asked about, and add a question: "Anything else I can help you with? Do you need anything for the house? The kids? Let me know!"
• Be yourself. "People are going to want to work with you if you come across real and genuine. Think about building your own business—because you are! A business with unlimited income potential."

What makes you a great Personal Shopper? Is it your knack for knowing great deals? Does your eye for style give the fashion mags a run for their money? Whatever your strengths, they're yours, and they're unique. Are you using them to create your personal brand?

Your personal brand—how you market yourself and your business—is crucial to establishing a robust client network. It's how you will stand out in a sea of email and options. It's how you will connect with your clients.

So how can you create a strong personal brand? Scott Multer, Creative Director, Integrated Retail with Sears Holdings Corp., suggests you ask yourself these questions first.

How do you define your brand? Start by determining your target audience and expertise. Perhaps you're a lawn care genius, appliances guru or fashionista. Leverage your knowledge to provide customers an extraordinary shopping experience!
What do you want people to know? What do you offer as a Personal Shopper that nobody else can deliver? Use communications outlets like your Storefront and social media pages to share successful stories and skills with potential clients.
What do you want people to do? Turn to you as their Personal Shopper of course! Get to know your customers, and what they like or don't like. Listen to them carefully and reflect what you've learned in your suggestions, and they'll be that much more likely show you loyalty and be your champion!
Having a strong personal brand will amplify all of your other Personal Shopper efforts and help you reach new audiences. For more help establishing your brand, contact us today!
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  1. Hey! Do you have spring fashions up on your personal shopper page yet? Ready to update! Remember those white capris my hubby bought me that you told me to wait til spring to wear? Also, loved the Target shoes you posted a few days ago. I'm going to get me a couple of pairs. Thanks for sharing! :)


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