Monday, May 14, 2012


I'm pretty conservative when it comes to body piercing.  Sure I wanted an eye brow ring after Elka on The Real World Boston pierced hers back in 1997.  Sure I wanted my belly button pierced back when I was dancing thirty hours a week and had rock hard abs and all my friends were piercing theirs.  My parents would have killed me if I went through with either.  The only "alternative" piercing I ever got was my cartilage on my upper ear and my mom threatened to disown me (note: I was in college at the time!).  I let it close up about a year or two later.  I can't say I regret not having more holes in my body, but every once and a while I am tempted to do something different.

Right now I'm intrigued by tragus piercings (its that doohicky that sticks out were your ear attaches to your head).  I have a few friends who have it done (hear it hurts pretty bad).  I love how its just the slightest bit edgy without being obnoxious or circus freaky.  Check out these celebs who rock (or have rocked) tragus piercings:

Shannon Elizabeth
Scarlett Johansson

What do you think? Can a mini van-driving mama rock a tragus piercing?


  1. I like Rihanna's- simple, definitely edgy yet not over the top. I say go for it!

  2. Pretty much every picture on this post makes me cringe - it looks like it hurts so bad!!! I pierced my cartiledge way back in the day (college) and it hurt the entire time I had it in.

    My belly button actually didn't hurt at all and it was super easy to hide. So, if your hankering for a hole (har, har) - I'd go that route.

    Word. :)


    PS - I think we should be virtual friends, too!!

    1. Yeah I'm probably too much of a chicken. And I took my cartilage piercing out for the same reason - it was just always sore. So glad we're friends now! hee hee

  3. Ouch! They do look cute but all I think about is 'Boy... that gotta hurt so bad!"


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