Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I really love my

BCBG denim jacket.  I do.  I love it.  It has to be close to ten years old and I'm pretty sure I've never washed it.  Wow just realized how gross that is.  Anywho... I paid $180 for it and I remember my mom telling me that was "a lot of money for a denim jacket.  Don't ya think?"  I insisted it was worth it and I was right.  I mean if I average that $180 over ten years and the number of times I've worn it....well I'm no math whiz but, its a REALLY good deal!  I think my love for it has actually grown over time.  Here is how I wore it this passed weekend:

1.  Friday:  My parents were up visiting from NJ = free babysitter = time to run errands.  When I say errands I mean all day all over Rochester errands.  I went to the DMV, post office, dry cleaners, tailors, applied for a permit for a fence at PCC, got my eyebrows done by Ryan at Brow Diva, got adjusted at the chiropractor, had my rings checked and cleaned at Cornells, filed my DBA at the County Clerks office, and then retraced my steps to every location looking for the antique jade bracelet that I lost (and never found) somewhere along the way.  Isn't amazing what you can get accomplished when you don't have your children with you?  Here is what I wore:

BCBG jean jacket, anthropologie top, F21 jeans,
Payless wedges, Kate Spade bag,
Movado watch, vintage jewelry
Gosh I am such a spaz.
This is supposed to be my cool fashion blogger pose.
There is the bracelet I lost, vintage ring, and silver chain link bracelet
by a girl named Michael - gosh I can't remember he last name
 (that's about 10 years old too)
Antique coin necklace made for my great grandmother from
coins my great grandfather brought back from Russia during World War I.
Definitely one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.

2.  Saturday:  Day Out With Thomas (the train) in Medina.  Can you stand how glamorous my life is?!  Here is what I wore:

.The hubs said this was too much boob for Thomas.
I disagree.  He liked it.
Another attempt at posing...
BCBG denim jacket (obviously), thrifted earrings,
Old Navy maxi dress via Anything Goes,
Mossimo for Target sandles, Movado watch
Little man crashing my photo shoot in his dino pjs.
Me being myself.

There you have it.  They say "true love never dies" - well, maybe they are on to something. Ten years later Mr. Jacket and I are still going strong.

How about you?  Anything hanging in your closet for the last decade that you just can't seem to part with?


  1. Replies
    1. Ruben thinks I should be wearing pants? lol

  2. Hi, Jen. That coin necklace is the coolest thing ever. Such a great story to go with it -- that's what makes it so cool!


  3. I really like that coin necklace, too!


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