Wednesday, July 18, 2012



I need some advice.

(Especially from all my fellow bloggers.)

It seems as though my focus of my blog is changing.

I still want to promote local business and fashion in Rochester NY - but it seems as though that's not the only thing I want to write about.  I'd love to do commentary on all kinds of things:  book reviews, snarky pop culture pieces, personal style, lifestyle, parenting, and just general nonsense.  


Here is my question for you:  Do I morph this blog into all things Jenny and offer my readers a shmorgishborg of material and just include a page/tab dedicated to Rochester Shopping/Fashion events.  OR do I make a second blog and refine this one to stay completely local and on-point with the original mission statement?

Regardless of my decision, the Flower City Fashionista facebook page will continue to announce new posts and focus on local happenings.

I just don't know whether to evolve or create new.

What would you do?

(hey that rhymed)

I just would hate to end up like these guys:


Can't wait to hear your thoughts!




  1. I think if that's really what you want to blog about than you should definitely make this blog evolve into a more personnal blog. Starting over from scratch on a new blog might be too much work.

  2. Why not evolve in the same blog space? I think, as people, we continue to change ... it only makes sense that your personal space would change, as well. Right? Right.

    And I'm all kinds of anticipation for your snarky pop culture pieces. :)

    Preach on, sista!


  3. Evolve on the same blog, we all relate!

  4. I vote for a new blog - although it's double the work, you can drive traffic back and forth between your blogs, and you can give us twice as much of your thoughts & snark. : )

  5. At the end of the day you have to blog about what you like to talk and write about. I think it's more appealing when bloggers talk about themselves and share their opinions and lives. That's how people will get to know you and how you form a loyal list of readers! ;) Hope that helps! Good luck! Thanks for entering my giveaway! Happy to be following now.
    Giveaway @ Because Shanna Said So

  6. Hey Jen!
    I think you should just blog about what you want to blog about! It will be twice the work & time to start a new blog & you should be able to blog about whatever you want to! I enjoy reading your blogs regardless, so I will keep reading no matter what your topic of conversation is:)


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