Monday, April 16, 2012

Where the Wild Things Are

Pick up any fashion magazine and you are bound to read about leopard print working as a neutral.  Now, I'm from New Jersey: home of big hair, loud mouths, fist-pumping, and anything but neutral leopard prints.  When overdone, it becomes a fashion disaster.  See our friends Snooki and Deena below:  
Yikes!  Photo:  Hearty Magazine
There is NOTHING neutral about these animal prints!
I think people shy away from animal prints because they don't know how to wear them.  When used as accent pieces, they can add a little pizzaz to your wardrobe.  They are fun, flirty, and go with almost anything.  I understand why you might be hesitant to take advice from a Jersey girl who spent her teen years sleeping in this bedroom:
Yes, this was really my room.
Yes, that is leopard bedding.
And yes, that is the infamous Titanic wall.
I assure you that my taste in animal prints has matured over time.  Now, I no longer sleep on leopard sheets, but incorporate animal prints into my wardrobe in the form of a ballet flat, belt, bag or blouse.  It absolutely can work as a neutral and be quite classy.  

Here is what I wore yesterday:  

GAP jeans and cardigan, Old Navy tank, Artwark earrings,
Micheal Kors watch, Forever 21 ring, Dior glasses
I could have easily paired this outfit with a solid button down or tank, but the leopard print adds visual interest and best of all:  I got this sleeveless blouse for $10 at Old Navy.  Score!  It's a fun, verstatile, and a budget-friendly addition to my wardrobe and proof that you can update your look for spring without breaking the bank.
I bought this ring for less than $5 a few years ago.
Adds some sparkle and ties the look together.
Disclaimer:  I apologize for the crappy photo quality.  I snapped these really quickly using photo booth.
Glasses close up.
(Yes, they are prescription and I should probably wear them more often.)
Want some more ideas of how to make this trend work for you?  Here is a great collection of looks that use leopard as a neutral:

How do you incorporate animals prints into your wardrobe?  Or do you avoid them at all costs?  Leave a comment below and let us know.


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