Friday, April 27, 2012

Awkward Self Portraits

So, it would be AWESOME if I had a professional photographer who followed me around.  Outfit posts for my blog would be a piece of cake!  It would be even more awesome if said photographer babysat in between photo shoots.  Alas I do not have a photographer on staff (or a babysitter for that matter), which means either 1.  I need to con the hubby into taking pics of me while kids are screaming in background. Or 2.  I take awkward self portraits during nap time.  Since I need to bolt out of the house the second the hubs gets home from work today, I'm stuck with option B.

I should probably figure out how to use the timer on my camera, then I might be able take a picture of my entire outfit.   Seeing as it is nap time and the gremlins can awake at any moment, I'll leave that task for another day.  Besides, seeing random head shots and my outfit in sections is more fun.  Well probably not that fun, but definitely self-deprecating...

I digress.  Tonight I'm styling for a photo shoot at Fahsye, zipping over to Brighton for a Big City Bags and Jewelry open house, and then picking up a girlfriend in the city to go see Jersey Boys (got a great deal on tickets through Groupon).  Anywho, this is what I'm wearing.  Drum roll please.
Tried something new with the 'do
Half smile?
Maybe if I lean over?  Nah awkward
Sorry Jenn, the head tilt isn't helping...
Not bad, but I cut off the bottom of my hair
Look off to the side?... nah lame
Watch shot, staring off into space = even worse and as
I re-read this I can't help but think of how much
watch shot sounds like crotch shot...
Not sure what is happening.  Did I drop something?
Stop looking at my muffin top.
I call this "Computer on Floor Shoe Closeup"
So this is the part where I call to my fellow fashion bloggers for advice.  How do you take pictures of yourself?  I need help.  Lots and lots of help!

Oh and since inquiring minds might want to know, I am wearing Banana Republic earrings, Lauren Conrad for Kohls sweater, a.n.a. jeans via JC Penney, Poetic License shoes (my favs) via Lilipad Creations, vintage bag and ring, and wedding band and engagement ring designed by my hubby at Cornell's.

The end.


  1. okay, could you be any cuter?! love all of these! and those shoes are fabulous :)
    xo TJ

  2. Jen, Love your sweater!! And love your blog. I'm heading to Kohl tomorrow! I'm no where near Rochester, but I'll follow anyways:)

  3. Thanks ladies! And thanks for the follow Krystal! A lot of the stuff I wear can be purchased anywhere! And even some of our local boutiques have online stores, which I always link to. Glad to have you along for the ride!


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