Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holiday Sparkle

So I really want this:
Starshine Bolero
Line and Dot
Anthropologie $138

Tried it on this morning (was mall walking with some other mommies and kiddos and could not walk past anthro).  This jacket is fabulous.  The sequins make it dressy, but its slouchy shape can be worn dressed down too.  I'm low on dough but,  it would be nice to have something sparkly to wear for the holidays.

Works prego: bump just pokes out the middle...

Works non-prego:  can wear with skinny jeans, LBD etc...

But its $$$ that should probably be spent on other people's Christmas presents... and I just had to buy a new oven...however, with the slightest bit of encouragement I will go back to anthro and buy it tonight.

So... do I do it?


  1. i dont think you need to go tonight, you maniac. unless it was the last one in your size or something.

    i will comment that it looked amazing even with just jeans and a tshirt. do it. you deserve it. call it a push present or whatever those post-birth "gifts" are called.

  2. I think it was the last small... and I'm thinking its a pre-push present lol

  3. Totally agree. you should get it. I ordered one and expect it tomorrow. :)

  4. I would get it, but I would wait and see if it'll go on sale. You can always purchase online in the next few weeks if they're out of the size in the store, black friday might just be the day to buy.

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