Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Great Boot Debate

I know... I know:  I'm the worst blogger ever.  It's been awhile, but I'm sure you understand how life can get in the way of your plans.  In the words of Flo, "happens to me all the time!"

I am in desperate need of WATERPROOF snow boots.  After four Rochester winters with cute shoes (and cold, wet feet) - I have decided to buck up for some FUNCTIONAL and WATERPROOF snow boots.

I am baffled by the lack of waterproof snow boots available in Rochester stores.  Come on people, don't you know where we live?   It snows every day all winter!  After finding nothing I liked at the stores, I began some intense online shopping.  I have narrowed it down to three pairs and need your help deciding.

Option 1
The North Face "Millennial" Boot
Option 2
Pajar "Gianna" Boot
Option 3
Sorel "Joan of Arctic" Boot

I'm thinking I might buy all three, try them on, and send two back.  Since both Zappos and Nordstrom have free shipping both ways, I have nothing to loose.  What do you think?

In the spirit of election season, I'd like to take a vote and determine the reader favorite, so please comment below with your selection.  And if you know about a fabulous boot that I have left out, by all means, place your "write in" in the comment box.

Thanks for your help and make it snappy.  I'm in a time crunch:  the snow will be here before we know it!


  1. I like all but option 3 is my fave :)

  2. Toss up between option 1 & 3....leaning towards 3 though.

  3. I like 1 and 3. Although 3 looks better for traction w/o seeing the sole of the boots.

  4. I guess I'm the only one that loves number 2. Love it!

  5. #2! The others look like every other snow boot from the last 3 seasons.

  6. I like number 3 out of the ones you posted. I'm not sure if you considered any of LLBean's snow boots but I just bought the 10 inch shearling lined pair for about $150 and I absolutely LOVE them! I haven't tested them out in the snow yet but they got amazing reviews and are built for Maine winters, so I'm really thinking they are going to be great. I love LLBean for pretty much everything winter ... I've had such great experiences with their products.


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